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My Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Image by Cassandra Lynn Photography

Image by Cassandra Lynn Photography

If you haven’t already read the “About” page on my website, the abridged version of that story is that I started my corporate career in marketing and business development at an international law firm. After nearly ten years in that world, while planning events as a side gig, I finally quit that job in order to work on my business full time.  

But let me tell you, it was NOT an easy decision to make. I thought about it for YEARS.

You know how a lot of entrepreneurs say, “Growing up I always knew I wanted to start a business,” or “I was a serial entrepreneur. Even from childhood, I was always hustling and coming up with new business ideas.”?

Yeah, well, that was never me. 

In college, I took an entrepreneurship class as part of my business degree curriculum. On the first day of class, our professor had us take a quiz to determine whether our personalities aligned with that of someone inclined to start a business.

My results pretty much said, “NOPE, THAT’S NOT YOU.” 

Honestly, that wasn’t really a surprise. I am risk-averse, enjoy stability and predictability, am motivated by external deadlines and goals, and am very comfortable working in a stuffy corporate environment (weird, I know).

Years later, while still working at my corporate job, I took a few days off to attend a conference for aspiring wedding planners hosted by Alison Howard. At the end of the retreat, Alison wrote a blog post that included brief messages to all the attendees. I don’t recall everything that my message said except for one sentence in particular. It read, “You are so ready!”. 

I did not feel ready. I still don’t feel ready sometimes and that conference was years ago. 

But what I came to learn is that if I waited to feel ready I’d never do it, and feeling ready and executing a job well are two completely different things. No matter what fears or hesitations I had, I knew I could handle whatever job was thrown at me and do it well. I just had to get over the roadblock of perfection paralysis. 

I knew stepping out on my own would be a massive challenge, but I finally took a HUGE leap of faith and said “goodbye” to a steady paycheck, great health benefits, and bagel Fridays to chase a dream I had long known was in my heart. 

As I write this, I can’t say yet that decision has 100% paid off (I find myself perusing job listings in moments of doubt and thinking “What have I done?!?!”), but then I come back to the immense feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment I get after every event knowing my clients are thrilled with the results.

Ultimately, I know I will never regret taking this step in my career and pursuing a passion I’ve had for so many years. Even though growing an event planning business in the midst of a pandemic may seem crazy, I still feel certain this was the right move for me. 

Do you have any questions about entrepreneurship or how I got started? Let me know via email or in the comments section below!

xo – Alicia

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My Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur




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